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The Benefits of Our Custom Quilted Jacket For Outdoor Events

Running outdoor events can be challenging especially on very cold days. That is why, at times like this, it is essential for you to look after your staff as they are the ones helping you run your event. This means making sure that they have everything they need to do their job properly and comfortably and this includes providing them with our custom jackets.

How Resistant are Quilted Jackets Against Cold Weather Conditions?

Strong winds on a cold day can chill you to your bones, causing discomfort, which can make doing your job harder. For this, our quilted jacket makes for an ideal solution. We offer Hooded Solid Padded Jacket B&C that comes with an adjustable hood and drawstring. It is made of pure polyester, which makes for a great water repellant and insulator. It also features rib, cuffs, and hem, which offers a cotton-like feel and that will protect you from strong winds. Furthermore, it has a standing collar that will keep you warm for a long period, allowing you to move more comfortably.

How Convenient are Custom Quilted Jackets?

It can be hard to move about during cold weather and this can affect your team member’s performance in running your event. For this, we recommend our Light Weight Padded Jacket Sol’s as it comes with features that can keep you cosy for a more productive day. Our personalised jacket has a high collar that will surely help keep you warm on any cold day. Additionally, it does not weigh as much, making it easier to carry around. It also has two zipped hand pockets that will surely keep your hands warm, keeping them from getting numbed by the cold.

How Printed Quilted Jackets Help in Raising Brand Awareness!

Keeping the outdoor event running smoothly while keeping yourself comfortable on an extremely cold day is already tough as it is and finding ways to promote further your brand makes it even harder. Having your team members wear our custom jackets, however, is your best answer to this. Aside from keeping your staff cosy through its weather-resistant qualities, our jackets can also help endorse your company.

Just submit your own design based on our submission specifications and we will do our best to include it on your personalised jackets. This can be anything from your company logo, personal insignia, a cute animal design, or maybe a meaningful phrase. You also have a choice as to where to imprint your art such as around the nameplate, on the shoulder sleeves, or somewhere on the opposite side. Moreover, you can have your design either screen printed or embroidered for up to four and six colours respectively giving it an impressionable appearance.

At, you can count on us to provide you with custom quilted jackets that are ideal for cold weather. Just get in touch with us via chat and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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